Thursday, 28 May 2009

Exam Season!

I am currently 2/5 of the way through my exams, but after I finish next week, I will post an update on here, and also my general affiliated law blog.

For those of you who are curious, here is my exam timetable:
25th of May - Constitutional
27th of May - Contract
1st of June - International
2nd of June - Land
3rd of June - Tort

Each exam lasts three hours, in which you are expected to answer 4 questions (any combination of problem or essay questions are permissible).

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Term 2, Year 1

The second term is much (in Cambridge terms!) more relaxed than the first, as we gained an extra 4 hours of free time due to each of the 3h p/week modules dropping down to 2 (International was always only 2 hours). This proved to be invaluable: not only did this mean that I was able to start attending rowing sessions, and having the odd lie-in, but it also garnered valuable study time in the afternoons after lectures and seminars.

I decided to try and get a head start on assessing the work, so that I'd have more time over the break rather than having to make my notes then, so I tried my hardest to review notes on the same day that we'd covered them. It really is important to also have some leisure time, which was why I was really pleased that the time change allowed me to start rowing properly - we even managed to go down to London to compete in WeHORR which was a real experience.

I feel as if I've gotten to a stage where I'm finally feeling that I'm understanding the work, but time-pressures are really kicking in. Next term we'll not only be trying to revise for the impending exams, but also still having lectures right up to the wire. I haven't had to cope with this sort of thing before, so I'm hoping that I'll still be able to somehow memorise the content we're being taught, whilst also learning the ones I've been looking at over this break.

We still don't know when the exams are scheduled for, aside from that they're due to start from the 25th of May and run until the 10th of June at the latest. I really hope that we're lucky enough to get a day or two between exams, and don't have two on the same day, as I know how draining that can be!

Obviously I'm a bit nervous about the exams, as there really is a lot to memorise, but I'm confident that everything will begin to fall into place. Here's hoping!